A Tablet You Can Swallow, Samsung S6 lite Review

Hey guys, I thought I’d start with a little chat and a mini review about what I’ll be using to write most of our blogs. I’ve been using a laptop for a while but always wanted something with more portability and battery life, so a tablet is the ideal product. After going back and forth between a Microsoft surface or an iPad, eventually I decided to go for a Samsung tablet running on Android. I bought the Samsung galaxy tab S6 lite (catchy name I know) mainly for the more budgeted priced and the included S-pen with the official case as part of a deal.

I’ve been using this tablet for two weeks and thought a product review would be a good starting point for our blog.

The S6 lite is the little brother of the current flagship product (tab S6). Expectedly, it comes equipped with less functions to get it down to that budget price, however, Samsung kept just the right amount of things to keep it a very appealing tablet. I purchased the LTE 64gb version which includes the option of adding a sim to use without WiFi. It sports a 10.4 inch screen with a nice metal “Agora Blue” back and looks good when compared with other top line tablets.

A feature that I love about the S6 lite is the S-pen. It was included in the price and whilst it is a simplified version, the pen is by far the best feature about this product. With a flat side and a very strong magnet it sticks to the side of the screen well, as opposed to the apple pencil which is known to be quite flimsy. The pen has a rubber tip for a better writing experience against the screen, the Samsung app is also very useful from the start-up (I’m actually typing and writing on it as we speak)

In other reviews some people criticise the screen of the S6 lite, for general social media, YouTube and Netflix its still perfect for whatever other uses you have. However, the screen doesn’t go as dim as I would like so it can it can be quite abrasive in the night.

To conclude, I really like the S6 lite and would recommend it for anyone who wants a new tablet just under £400. Personally I don’t class anything over £300 a “budget” price and whoever does is crazy. Samsung have also recently made the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 which is priced at a more agreeable £200. If generic social media use is what you desire then that is the one for you. If the S-pen is something you’re mainly interesting in then the Samsung Tab S6 lite is a perfect choice.

Thanks for listening to my review, I’m not planning on doing many of these as I don’t have that much interesting stuff. But its fun to write something different and I needed something to start with to break the ice.

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