Lockdown, It’s Not All Bad.

Hey guys hope you’re staying safe. At the moment our world is going through terrible times. These significant events are making a huge impact impact on our daily lives, and may continue to do so over the next few months. There’s so much talk about the negatives we’ve faced this year, but little has been mentioned about the positives lockdown has brought us. We still have a long way to go, but as the UK government starts to ease restrictions, let’s have a look back of all the good its done.

Environment gets a break

The world is a very busy place. With pollution levels rising each year our planet has been struggling to keep up. Once the lockdown came into effect throught Europe and Asia due to COVID-19, a large polluting factor suddenly stopped. shortly after the public were told to stay at home, social media platforms were buzzing about several posts showing how much pollution had cleared up already. Videos of Beijing and Hong Kong were almost completely clear of smog, normally created by thousands of vehicles (China had a much harder lockdown). The Italian city of Venice shown how clear the canal water has become without the symbolic boat traffic, several fish habitats had also returned to the canals including dolphins.

Sadly, it’s likely that these fantastic results won’t last long, the world will most probably return to its “normal” state after a few months.

Time to get things done

Lockdown has provided the public with a huge amount of spare time. While our invaluable essential workers are keeping the country going, the rest of us are needing to keep busy. So far, this has been a very hot spring. While being responsible, most are taking advantage by going outside to exercise. Bike sales have never been higher and parks are always full, it appears that the British public are going through a massive health kick.

Need to finally sort the garden? Well this is the perfect time for you. Thousands are renovating their homes, finally finding the time thanks to the lockdown. COVID-19 has had a different impact for everyone, but this has been a very positive result.

Long lost relationships

Somehow, during lockdown in the UK, we’ve never been so closed off from each other. However, the British “keep calm and carry on” attitude has been so important for community. The weekly clap-for-carers have brought us closer like never before. Neighbours helping the whole street with shopping and prescriptions, taking care of the elderly and vulnerable. With the power of Skype and Zoom we’re able to come closer. Contacting those who you’ve lost touch with or reuniting a long friendship that otherwise would have reminded forgotten.

Thanks for reading this ramble. People are too quick to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. If we all stay safe and responsible im sure they’ll be plenty more positives in the future.

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