Can Trump Be Trusted With Social Media (Pt.2)

Hey guys, hope you’re staying safe. With recent news I decided to add a second part to my original blog (Pt1). I belive the question I’m asking is more important than ever.

The world is in a very dark place. With riots across the US and protests (almost all peaceful) around the world, only a great leader can repair the damage and bring the US together again. You’d expect this person to be sympathetic to the cause, wanting to stop the hatred, and understanding the pain that’s felt by millions. The problem is, Donald Trump is not this person. Donald Trump is the person adding fuel to the fire through his ruthless “law and order” stance. Hiding behind his Secret Service and Twitter account. Right now the US needs a voice that will show true compassion, not a pre-written speech about using the US military to stomp out protesters.

President Donald Trump, leader of the free world, has stated multiple times, both on and off of social media, his desire to deploy the US military, taking control over it’s own citizens. Obviously, the various looting that has taken place is completely inexcusable, and personally, anyone who partakes in these activities are dishonourring the #blacklivesmatter campaign and taking advantage of all the work it’s done. Peaceful protesting is a basic right in both the US and throughout the EU. They may not always stay totally peaceful, but that’s because these issues run so deep in peoples hearts, their passion can sometimes overcome their actions.

Trump hasn’t exactly been hiding his attitude towards these events. Telling his own governors they’re too soft openly on social media, pressuring police departments to use excessive force on anyone who comes before them, including shooting the press with rubber bullets. Only a few days ago, two officers were suspended in Buffalo NY, for pushing an innocent 75 year old man to the floor causing massive head truama. During this incident, and many others, Trump has been only tweeting about how well the Republican polls have been. All the people’s cries are falling on his deaf ears.

Further scrutiny has come to President Trump as a result of his ridiculous photo-op outside a church in Washington D.C. In an attempt to look strong after retreating to the presidential bunker, Trump decided to walk towards the church showing his ‘unfaltering bravery’ against both the press and protests. However, by taking this journey, the police needed to carve a path through the protesters. It shows tear gas and flashbangs paired with excessive force was used to disperse the crowds. The President did all this just for a few pictures, which the church itself didn’t even agree with.

We return to the question, can Trump be trusted with social media? I believe it’s gone much further than that. Can Trump be trusted with presidency? This is the question more and more people will be asking over the next few months. But thankfully, that’s for much better qualified americans to decide.

Thank you for reading my ramble. I have no idea what people are going through right now, i’m a white guy that has never come across this level of prejudice or racism. I do know however, the more of us that comes together and talks about it peacefully, the better this world can become.


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