What I Miss During Lockdown.

Hey guys, hope you’re all staying safe. Now that the UK weather has cooled down I’ve been exercising more recently. Finally trying to get rid of that winter weight, from 2 years ago. With restrictions easing around the world, I’ve been starting to think about what I’ve missed the most, and what I’m excited about the return of when we’re all free.

I’m positive that we’re all sick of our current surroundings, being stuck in the same place for several months can really make you want to take a nice long trip away. At the moment however, the British public are border restricted and may still be for quite some time due to our infection rate currently higher than other countries. Maybe, a return to British domestic holidays are in order. The Shetland Islands and the Isle of Wright are perfect examples, you don’t even need a passport. Or if flying isn’t your thing, the Scottish North Coast 500 route has always been on my bucket list, perfect for a long drive spaning several days.

When this all started I honestly never thought it would have been this strict. Closing the pubs and restaurants for over two months has had an odd impact over most of us. Personally, its strange how much I actually miss the simplicity of going out for a meal or pint. There is nothing better than having the freedom to eat and drink anywhere you choose, especially with friends.

On occasion, it’s the little things that we miss most. Simply not being afraid to walk past another person, or being able to pet a dog, these are the kind of things you never thought would ever be taken for granted. Not having to que before going into Asda, or worrying about if the trolly has been cleaned or not, following the pointless arrows and talking through a plastic divider. We’ve gone through so much change in the past few months.
With shops and restaurants opening up, city centers will soon be thriving with life once again. I’m looking forward to catching a train and walking through crowds of people without being concerned of public health and social distancing.

Being furloughed for the entire lockdown, it really makes you feel useless. I work in the hospitality sector at a popular holiday park, it’ll be another few weeks before we can officially open. While everyone else is able to return to work, I’m starting to feel excited about being useful again, waking up knowing I’m not just going to be stuck in the house most of the day. You realise how close your work friends actually are, for me I’ve known some for several years so they’ve become like a second family. While they can be extremely stressful to work with, I’m very happy to see them all again soon.

Thank you for following me through this short ramble. These are a few of the things I’ve missed through lockdown and excited to return to. Hope you stay safe and positive about the future.

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