What This Blog Means To Me

Hey guys, hope you’re staying safe. It’s good news for me. my workplace has started making decisions, and it’s time for our team to return, i’m very excited about moving back to the Lake District with a fresh new prospective and positive attitude.
But anyway, let’s move onto todays blog.
A few days ago, I realised when I started this page, I never actually explained the reasons why or what my motivation was for doing so, or even what I hoped to eventually gain from it. I thought I should spend this time with you and show what this blog means to me.

Keeping up with the world
I’ve always tried to keep up with daily occurrences but the world moves so fast, I often lose track and give up within a few weeks. One thing I’ve learnt is by reading and writing about particular topics, I achieve a sense of understanding that provides me the inspiration to continue.
Some say there are only a few different ways in which we think, each individual has a different combination that makes them who they are. Personally, having something physically in front of me helps me comprehend it much more easily. I can picture it in my head but can struggle when it comes to expressing my opinions to others. Writing about each topic into more simple language is so much easier to get my head around.

Everyone has a voice
Of course, another answer of what this blog means to me, is that we all have a right to create a platform, conveying our thoughts and beliefs to others, where we can find like minded people so we know we’re not alone. It’s our basic right to hold and express our opinions. For me, this is a perfect way to express my own thoughts, regardless if anyone reads them
If everyone was given an equal opportunity and voice, we could become a world without oppression, with each person feeling valued. Our daily lives would be full of dynamic opinions with a diverse view of life.

Becoming a better version
I’m always trying to become a better version of myself. Writing posts, thinking creatively and observing our world. From maintaining a simple blog, I’ve become more expressive with my opinions, I understand what’s going around me and I can develop my problem solving skills by structuring posts. Once I’m back at work, I’ll be falling into a mundane work, sleep life. This blog helps break up my days by giving me goals to focus on.

The future
When I write these posts I never actually believe anyone will see them, they’re on a 3rd party website in the corner of the Internet. I enjoy making them and it’s the only time I get where I can think openly and creatively. In a years time, I’ll just be happy if I can keep it going, it’s so easy to become distracted, I don’t want to forget about the whole thing entirely.

Thanks for reading my ramble guys, these are a few reasons why I initially started writing posts. I’m not very good yet so I do apologise. Hopefully, they’ll start improving as I embrace it more. At the moment I’m having fun, and that’s all I want.

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