Growing up with Christmas

Hey guys. Long time no see! I know this is a little late (or way too early) for a Christmas Post but it was something I had stuck in my head for a few days, so wanted to write a ramble about it. Its been a while so please forgive me.

The christmas period is a big part of the lives for those who celebrate it. It comes round every year, and somehow it feels different every time. When you’re young it’s a magical day where gifts appear under a tree, delivered by a jolly man in red with a fantasticwhite beard. You wake up excited to tell your family that santa brought you presents, completely innocent of where they truly came from and the hard work that went into them.

It’s easy to take Christmas for granted, as a child it can be important to believe and keep the magic alive, why ruin they’re imagination. It is only when you become older you actually realise it’s your family that makes it special. It becomes less about the gifts but more of the thought that goes into them and the time you make for each other. (Although gifts are an added bonus)
Personally one simple present that somebody has put thought into is worth more than 20 generic ones.

This was my 25th Christmas, after missing the last two due to working away, this year’s was surprisingly difficult. I don’t have any children so I never really think about how much money and effort putting on Christmas for the family really is. My parents would ask every year if there was anything I wanted/needed as a gift, more often I’m more concerned about them and how much money they spend on me and my sister.
I only ask for aftershave and maybe a nice shower set, but I always end up with more. I love the little gifts we receive, socks and lynx sprays (can never have too many) all wrapped individually so it looks like we have more than we do, and how we still act surprised whilst already knowing what we have. I’m very lucky to have them.

I believe as the years go by we should change places, I’d love next Christmas to be all about spoiling our parents for once, like they always try and do for us.
I guess the whole point of this rather short ramble is simply to love each other, look after those who care for you and be happy regardless of presents.

Thank you for getting this far, hopefully more will come in 2021!
Written Rambles.

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