What Sport Means To Me In 2021

Hey guys, hope you’re all staying safe.
During these times it’s nice to be able to focus on more positive events happening this year. February isn’t particularly a favourite month of mine, but it does hold the start of the 6 Nations rugby tournament. I’m not much of a sporting enthusiast but as a Welshman it’s my solemn duty to support my country, especially because we may have a chance of winning this year!

I have accumulated so many fond memories watching these games in uni, it still brings me excitement every year, therefore, I thought this would make a good point to write about.
For years I’ve taken part of an online fantasy rugby league with friends that I’ve known since school. Its a good excuse to get in touch and make sure they’re okay.

Sport can be such an amazing way of bringing us together, we each support our own team/country but it’s the love of the game that makes the biggest impact. Every weekend we forget about how much the negativity is constantly surrounding us and how COVID-19 is always clogging up the news, but instead, we talk to our friends and family enjoying the time we have together (while wishing the pubs would open).

As a side note.
Sporting events can have a massive effect on our economy. with lockdown in place its not just the stadiums that are missing out on sales, many businesses are losing profits and benefits from the custom that matches bring. Living close to Cardiff you always know not to use the trains during game day, the city center would be packed and all the shops/pubs would be full, now it’s completely changed.
Whilst I do agree with the government’s restrictions, it is important to understand the overall impact it can have over businesses in regards to sporting events.

Whilst writing this post I was in two minds of what I wanted the overall message to be. One side was a personal note of what I enjoy and the memories I have. The other, was acknowledging some of the changes we face due to sport since the start of 2020. I’m hoping to go further into this topic very soon.


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