Why We All Need The Colour Green In Our Lives.

Hey everyone, hope you’re all staying safe!
Just a quick update.
February is going past very quickly for me. With only 28 days in the month we’ll soon be rolling into March, hopefully greeted with an easing of some of our lockdown measures here in the UK. For now however, I’m quite contempt with staying at home.

Here’s a reason why.

With these present events still in effect, we find ourselves looking at the same four walls more often with no change. Plants are a great way to break it up with something new. I decided to share some positive points on why we all need a little green in our lives!

I always love having plants around me. While I am not particularly considered “green fingered” I haven’t had one die on my yet. A very large achievement for me. I recently started to give in to my new subtle addiction and purchased a few more. However, I’m incredibly limited by my space.

I never thought caring for plants would have such a calming effect. I could be so stressed out through the day, but when it comes to looking after them, they require patience and sometimes even a delicate touch. You would immediately forget what made you so annoyed in the first place, great for my mental health.

Did I mention how good they look? They’re the finishing touch to any living space! With thousands of species to choose from, combined with various creative designs of pots, it really helps bring colour into your home/workplace. Also, a very satisfying surprise is when they actually bloom for the first time, and all your hard work has been rewarded.

A mutual love for these green creatures has turned into an amazing community, you’re never far from help or similar minded people. Plants of any kind are here to produce oxygen, and we repay them with mass deforestation. They deserve to be nurtured.

I hope this was an enjoyable read, this was something I found to be very positive and wanted to share with everyone, hopefully gaining some opinions on it too. Take care of each other and our green friends.


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