Spring Makes All The Difference.

Hey everyone, hope you’re all staying safe!
We’re finally out of winter. With more sunny days and warmer temperatures soon ahead of us, I’m sure many are now waiting for the moment we can be free again, taking full advantage of the sunshine just in time for summer.
Looking outside and seeing a brilliant clear blue sky immediately got me thinking of what adventures I could have that day. However, it was sadly followed by the realisation that the UK is still well into it’s national lockdown.

Personally, I do have a sense of increasing positivity that radiates from this time of year. Coming into spring makes everything feel alive. Trees that were once left bare due to the cold are growing back, flowers starting to bloom and blossom, and occasionally, you might even notice more animals returning for the warmer weather. It won’t be long until we’re surrounded by green life once again.

Whilst we are in the transition period between winter and spring, I have noticed a slight rise in temperature. It hopefully won’t be too long until we can ditch our winter layers for a more comfortable outgoing wardrobe. Swapping our scarfs for sunglasses and boots for sandals. (Might be a bit later for the latter)

I find it all quite bizarre. I’m not usually a particular outgoing person. However, due to the UK issuing it’s 3rd national lockdown, i believe It’s created a sense of longing, a crave for the outdoors that I’m sure many of us are feeling right now.
I can’t speak for the future, but I’d like it to include more adventures and potentially a good trip abroad!

Whilst writing, I’m never too sure what I’m going to get from it. I mostly have an idea, start writing and then see where I’ve ended up. I enjoyed this one, I hope you did too and didn’t get too lost in my rambles.

Written Rambles.

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