The Next Step Forward

Hey everyone. Hope you’re all staying safe!

I thought about what this blog means to me in 2021. My main goal has always been to simply write about topics that I personally have an interest in. However, the moment it becomes a task, is when the writing feels forced and unnatural.
I usually come up with a topic and later decide if it’s worth writing about. If the ideas start flowing I’ll continue, if not i’ll just scrap the whole thing and move on. Maybe returning to the topic at a more relevant time.

I’ve been really enjoying the whole experience of writing and reading other users’ posts (I always read the ones I “like”).
Happy to create more content, I decided to purchase the “.com” of my WordPress site as an investment to myself which will hopefully motivate me to keep going (gotta get my money’s worth).

I only publish the best work that I’m satisfied with. I beleive the main constant when viewing my posts is the site name, a “.com” sounds like something I can be proud to show off and tell people about. We should always try and look our best, especially when it’s your official identity to the world.

Personally, I’m nowhere near needing the “premium” content, I’m just happy writing to myself and anyone else who manages to find me.

This was just a little post to mention how I’m doing and my thoughts for the future, Hopefully you enjoyed this little window into my rambles!

Thanks for visiting

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