There’s More To Life Than Work.

Hey everyone, hope you’re all staying safe!
It’s been a fair time since my last post, I’ve kinda been in my own little work bubble trying to find the chance to pop my head out and have a look around. I work in hospitality here in the UK and as you can imagine it’s been very hectic with everything opening back up again, so it’s no surprise that the last few weeks have disappeared so quickly.

Personally it’s all fun and games coming up with ideas over lockdown, each week I’d think of something new and make posts on the regular. However, immediately after we all returned to work I never noticed how severe the dip in my motivation actually was.
Before you think I’m complaining, I do very much enjoy my job, especially spending time with those I work with. I just wish I could find the time to have the best of both worlds. Maybe that just me being greedy.

It’s absolutely something I’m hoping to improve on, making time for the things and people who are important to me even after working an exhausting shift.
Your job shouldn’t be something that kills your motivation, instead it should stimulate your creativity and help improve your problem solving. My personal issue is never knowing when to simply “clock off”. There’s not much point spending your life worrying about work when you’re not actually finding the time to live it.

I understand that I run the risk of being a hypocrite, as I struggle with this mentality terribly myself. I’m just hoping that by writing about it, it’ll remind me how good it feels to be creative once in a while, and maybe it would also help another.

That’s all for now guys. Just a quick explanation of my thought process and the reasons why I suddenly disappeared. Finding the time to write is difficult but it’s very much worth it!

Thanks for visiting.
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