A Question Of Quality.

Hey everyone!

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Henry Ford

Refuring to my previous post about the “guest experience”, I’ll be continuing my discussion, focusing on the advantages of providing quality over quantity.
Speaking from an experienced retail point of view, its a very important discussion. Both are very situational in their approach, however there are particular occurrences when one must remain dominant over the other.

To note.
l agree that quantity is also a highly valuable commodity to have in one’s business ethos. Although, it is generally followed by a simplistic idea that is intended to be massed produced, due to its effectiveness, not quality.

• A particular service for a large number of guests/customers,
• A product with a basic but effective design,
• Or, a company that deals in extremely busy business hours.

Commonly in these situations, there isn’t enough time to be concerned with a quality service due the the sheer amount of orders you have to complete. A nightclub is a perfect example. During peak hours they’re too busy with service to develop any kind of repertoire with their customer base. But you wouldn’t usually go there just to talk to the bar team, so this has little consequences to the overall “guest experience”. Thus the higher need for quantity rather than quality.

Think about this. When you produce something that you’re passionate about and care about the individual thats receiving it, quality should be the fore factor of your design. Obviously, depending on you’re restrictions, whether it be budgets, funding or lack of team, delivering such a high quality doesn’t have to be impossible. In most cases, It’s not all about limited edition designer names or Michelin stars. It’s about how much effort goes into what you’re producing and the service you’re providing. Making that one person aware of how much you care, simply through the service you provide.

Quality alone gives customers a reson to return. It also doesn’t have to be extortionate prices, I’d happily pay 50p more per pint if that means the money goes back into the business for better quality products, service and creating an improved experience.

Quality should always represent the cost, not the other way round!

You see it every day in restaurants charging £20+ per plate, we automatically assume it’s high quality due to the price, when infact you paid a fortune for a basic yet overpriced meal. It shouldn’t be just about the food. it’s the whole experience that entices you in, experiencing something truly unique that you would never come across otherwise. A place that has earned their price tag.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

Steve Jobs

We can see how a “basics but better” mentality can have an incredibly diverse impact on your success as a business. I believe we will always need the cheaper mass produced products, but it’s what we desire the most that is provided through quality.

Thanks for reading!


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