My New Found joy of 2022.

For those still riding on the “new year, new me” hype I salute you. For those who are already done with 2022, I’m sure these next 11 months will fly by. I’ve had a decent January. However, I’m ready to move on from winter and welcome the warmer seasons.

“Om nom nom nom”

Cookie Monster.

Personally, something good has already come from 2022, my new found joy of cooking. I’ve always enjoyed having organisational objects to keep me productive and not too messy. I’ve noticed that this joy also transferes easily towards the kitchen, for things that are in the same category such as mason jars, scales or spice racks. Sounds nerdy I know but let me explain.

Imagine we’re making a cake. We get our jars of flour, sugar and other ingredients, measure them all precisely on a scale mix them all up and with a dash of luck, come out with a vey satisfying product (hopefully). I find the whole process of gathering items and making something from them incredibly satisfying.

Expanding on my new joy of cooking, I’ve recently been attempting to recreate my old basic dishes into something more exciting. Making most things from scratch or simply replacing ingredients with better complex variations. I’ve finally nailed a good consistent spaghetti carbona and recently made an amazing savoury quasaunt with bacon and egg. I’ll admit its all easy unoriginal meals, but good hearty food!

By no means am I a good cook, some day I’ll finally figure out how to cook rice.


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