A Domestic Holiday.

“The vacation we often need is freedom from our own mind.”

– Jack Adam Weber

It’s fair to suggest that with our current worldly situation, traveling abroad has become quite the hassle. With pre-flight tests, vaccine requirements and much needed cancellation insurance, many people have now been looking inwards. A domestic holiday.

Personally, as someone who lives in the UK, exploring aspects of my own country has never been a serious thought until recent months. The British Isles as a whole doesn’t spand as far compared to other countries. However, it does hosts some beautiful hidden gems (which I’m hoping to find this year).

For example. The Scotland Highlands has always been on my list of UK places. Several small islands dotted along the coast, all with their own unique cultures. Seeing the Northern Lights and Hadrians Wall, with some incredible roads along the way. No passport required and no need for extensive planning. Got a free weekend? Lets pack up and go.

Traveling abroad is very enriching. It helps us appreciate each others way of life and be more understanding of their culture.
I’ll never say its not important to experience different countries, it’s definitely something everyone should do at least once. However, we should also be proud of our own home, seeing what sights it has to offer and learn about our own history. Maybe we can even think about the environmental impact our long distance traveling can have. My prediction, the advertisement for carbon neutral holidays will be here soon.

I’d love to hear some of your opinions!

Thanks for reading!


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