Team Or Staff?

“If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?”.

Matthew Woodring Stover.

One thing that I’ve always used as an immediate indication of a company’s culture is what they call their employees.

To some, this probably sounds like a pointless thought. Why should it matter what words we choose when describing the same thing. I believe in the power of words like team or staff. They have an underlining effect on how others see you and your company’s culture.

I propose the question. Team or staff?

You can’t just change the words and hope for the best. Embracing team culture needs to be a part of your soul, and it’s very obvious when it’s false.

Some places tend to overlook the importance of their words. Operating with a pyramid heiarcy system, with the boss on top and subordinates underneath, following what they say. I’ve personally worked in a job where I’ve never had a proper conversation with my boss, only a line manager. How could that ever inspire someone to work hard for a company that clearly has little respect for its “staff”. You will only see that place as a job that pays the bills, not something that empowers or provides a sense of satisfaction.

You’ll often find this with bigger companies who are constantly recruiting due to their lack of respect for it’s people.

Thankfully. Places with an emphasis on the team are champions of their culture. Ensuring their people are supported and driven, creating an excitement for those coming to work, knowing you’re part of something bigger that cares about achieving the same goal. Having a team means each person is important, not cannonfodder until the next one comes.

Imagine how your employees see you as an employer. Calling them “staff” immediately creates a distance, whilst “team” is inclusive and creates a sense of trust. You can achieve so much more with a happy thriving team,
staff are just people who have the same boss.


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