An Organised 2022

Happy new year. Here’s to an amazing 2022!

“Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.”


I believe at the beginning of the year it’s important staying organised and motivated. We eventually return to normality after the christmas break and suddenly realise that nothing has changed and there’s no plan for 2022. This time however, we can make a simple difference to re-energize our productivity.

One of the thing I’ll admit I’m bad for is dealing with clutter. Some would call it “mild hoarding” but I like to call it “faff”. I tend to regularly accumulate useless stuff which often boggs down my productivity. In order to keep an organised mindset that encourages a productive lifestyle I frequently need to de-clutter and reorganise my space.

The best example is a kitchen. I try to move things around to keep it interesting. Once everything is reorganised I feel much more productive, immediately becoming a useful space that provides a satisfaction from cooking again.

To take this idea further. We can also reapply our new proactive attitude to review aspects of our previous year such as spending, bills or events and figure out how to improve whilst attempting to achieve more.
Not using a subscription service any more? Cancel it, it’s as easy as that. Decide on things that we can live without, or things that we’ll need to save for. It’s easier for us to figure it out sooner so we have more time to benefit or prepare for something in the near future. Wanting to go on holiday? Decide if that’s the most important thing, if so what do you need to organise in order to achieve it.

Being organised means being ready to take on whatever come our way. Whether it be work, life or financial it’s always beneficial to have a plan in place. We haven’t had much luck these past years but I’m sure we’re ready for 2022 either way.


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