Supporting Mental Health In The Workplace.

It’s been a very stressfull year with one more month still to come.
with everything suddenly hitting the theorhetical fan, both domesticaly and abroad, most of us are already feeling like we’re not in control, especially with the added pressure of rising energy bills and a likely recession at the end of the year. Sadly I think it’s too easy for us to be so wrapped up in our own heads that we tend to forget those struggling around us.

The purpose of today’s Ramblings is to discuss some ways in which an employer/company can support their team with issues such as mental health.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to offer 1-2-1’s with your team. Whether it’s a quick chat to check in, or an in-depth conversation about what they can do as employer to identify your specific needs and support you. This confidential time is crucial. Showing compassion helps to reduce the stigma of mental health in the workplace. Being open and honest with your collegues shows there is no need to feel isolated or to hide severe stress/anxiety to the point when it effects their own physical health.

Team Benefits
Speaking from a hospitality background, it’s not uncommon for a person’s only meal to consist of whatever scraps/mistakes are made in the kitchen that day. Perhaps the answer to this is offering benefits for your team.
For example.
50% off whilst on shift ensures they can have an affordable meal that doesnt put the company out of pocket. Even free fries/salad would go a long way. We have a duty of care, a lot of places tend to forget that people are not machines, and it’s reflected when they’re wondering why so many are quitting their business.

Identifying Issues
Naturally, after working with a team for several weeks you start to become more aware of their individual personalities. It might even be possible to identify an issue that they may be already experiencing. If you notice someone is over-tired, anxious or stressed It’s important to find the right balance when trying to help. Don’t be intrusive. Reach out, show them you are willing to listen and offer support if they need it.

Available Resorces
Not everyone is comfortable expressing themselves, it is good practise for every company to have resources available for it’s team. Offering independant helplines for various issues where they can call annonomously without any judgment. These should be readily available but located somewhere to aid anonymity.

All of these points lead to one main factor of a company, it’s culture. Core ideaologies that are the fundermentals of your buisness. You should always welcome open conversations with your team to ensure a level of mutual respect and trust between the employee and employer. Create a culture that enpowers people.

There are some fantastic mental health campaigns ongoing with so much help and advice available.

I hope this brings help to some whos needs it.

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